1. Respect For The Teacher

  • teachers spend years researching, studying, experimenting, and fine-tuning their knowledge
  • students honour this and in sharing work created under the teacher’s guidance, give credit where credit is due
  • students may have their own expertise, but share it only if invited to by the teacher, from whom all participants have set aside time and money to learn 

2. Respect For Each Other

  • participants come from all over the world and from many different cultures and each is entitled to give and receive respect
  • each participant is valued and equally entitled to the teacher’s attention

3. Marketing & Commercialization

  • as items created under the teacher’s guidance are really a result of the teacher’s knowledge and skills, students will not use them, or their images, for any advertising, marketing or other commercial purpose of their own
  • class/workshop images taken by Mamie’s Schoolhouse may be used to promote its classes, workshops, and other events

4. Recordings

  • no student photography, video or audio recordings are permitted during the workshop/class
  • however the teacher will set aside specific times in the workshop when s/he will invite students to take their own photographs
  • Mamie’s Schoolhouse and/or the teacher will take plenty of images throughout and share these with all students

5. Language of Instruction

  • all classes and workshops are taught in English

6. Fun

  • students are encouraged to have fun!
  • being creative and learning new skills with like-minded people in a beautiful setting is a rare privilege, and Mamie’s Schoolhouse sincerely hopes that all participants have a wonderful time