mastering natural dyes

This modular online training program is for anyone serious about learning proper natural dye techniques. The course draws on the extensive historic record of natural dye practices from around the world, as well as on contemporary science to illuminate the hows and whys of effective natural dyeing. The science is presented in a completely accessible way, so that those without a science background can grasp the key concepts that help the natural dye enthusiast begin to master effective dye techniques.

  • Weekly lessons - in written and video format - are accompanied by an assignment for students. Students have the option to review the results of their assignment with the instructor, by signing up for a one to one feedback session.

  • Students can register for one, two, three, or all four modules. However, if registering for modules III or IV, the student must already have a very solid understanding of all of the foundational principles described for Modules I and II, as these will not be addressed in modules III or IV.

Module I:


fibres, preparation, mordants, modifiers, assists

Module II:


sources of natural pigment & how to use them

Module III:

Surface Design 1

combining eco-print with background colour


Module IV:

Surface Design 2

coming soon: mordant & print pastes, blocks, stencils, resists