Nova Scotia Flax to Linen: The Taproot Fibre Lab Experience

Nova Scotia Flax to Linen: The Taproot Fibre Lab Experience


A free seminar for those interested in farming bast fibres (flax, hemp, etc.) on Cape Breton Island.

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Flax farming and linen production were common in Nova Scotia up until the early 20th century. For the last several years, Taproot Fibre Lab, near Wolfville, has been leading a revitalization of fibre flax farming and linen production in this province (short video of their process).

In this free seminar (there is no registration fee, but there will be a donation jar to help offset Taproot’s gas costs in driving to/from Cape Breton), Taproot founder, Patricia Bishop, will:

  • talk about the realities of farming fibre flax in Nova Scotia;

  • talk about the fibre processing/milling services they offer to other regional growers of bast fibre crops (flax, hemp, etc.);

  • talk about the cottage industry scale milling equipment Taproot developed and is now selling around the world;

  • demonstrate hand-processing of flax from their farm;

  • show examples of products made with their 100% Nova Scotia grown and milled linen; and

  • answer questions you may have about growing flax on Cape Breton Island.

A Cape Breton Island organic farmer who grew fibre flax last year will also be in attendance.

We are also hoping to include a representative from one or more of the local agricultural federations to speak to how they may be able to support island bast fibre farmers (TBD).

Date/Time: Saturday, 27 April; 1pm to 3pm

Location: Baddeck Public Library, 526 Chebucto St (plenty of parking). Seating is limited to 30, so pre-registration through this web site is encouraged, but not required.


  • main image: organic fibre flax (Linum usitatissimum) growing on Cape Breton Island, Fall 2018 © 2019 Mel Sweetnam

  • gallery images © 2019 Taproot Fibre Lab